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The Witches Of The Weald: A New Halloween Story


Ms. Jaqui Wood, the archaeologist who discovered the neolithic ritual site in Cornwall, England (Courtesy Archaeology Magazine)

Thanks to Gerald Gardner, many a new witch and warlock may well be dancing to the beat of the drum on the night of Samhain, October 31st. How many truly ancient witches of the “Old Religion” will be drawing down the moon among the newbies, the wannabees and the converted cowans?

Since Gardner began to publish his books on the revival of ancient witchcraft a great many residents of the myth wrapped British Isles have turned to ‘Neo-Paganism’ as an alternative to the man-made Christian religion that arose in 435 A.D. in a highly successful effort to organize the then gathering viral power of the teachings of Jesus.

Gardner wrote of the “Old Religion,” the Paganism that was world wide since before the Neolithic and perhaps even Paleolithic times. Gardner was a British colonial official in the East Indies and an amatuer anthropologist. He retired to England in the mid 1930s and claims to have connected with an ancient witch coven of the New Forest in the Weald of Southeast England. Britain, never a nation to easily give up a favored ancient and draconian law, repealed the Witchcraft Act of 1736 in 1945. It was then that Gardner began to openly write about active witchcraft in the British Isles. It is accepted today that he was largely responsible for the re-emergence of a new paganism dubbed “Wicca.”  In the years since it has gained massive popularity around the world and especially in the US.

British authorities and the Anglican and Catholic Churches liked to maintain that the “old” witchcraft traditions never really existed in any organized form, or that it died out centuries ago. Nothing could be further from the truth. Anthropologist Margaret Murray began to draw the veil aside in the 1920s when she published “The Witch-Cult in Western Europe” a book that drew largely on historical records of witch trials and other accounts. The book also made veiled references to current activity in England and so garnered the opposition of many other researchers and historians.

In truth, the ancient practices of witch covens are–and have been–as alive today under the cloak of the new Wicca as they ever were. In the middle of World War II a body was discovered stuffed inside the “Wytche Elm” and ancient hollow elm tree in the middle of Hagley Wood in the English Midlands. The event was believed to have been the result of witchcraft, as was another murder in the same area. Both killings were documented in “Murder by Witchcraft” by Donald McCormick. In the “Watch: The Secret War for the Soul of Germany” I give an account of the Hagley Wood murder–and use the licence of fiction to completely explain it. There are similar accounts throughout rural England of current witchcraft practices and many more that pre-date the resurgence of Gardnerian Wicca. One of the most fascinatingaccounts is given in Archaeology Magazine article by Kate Ravilious in Volume 61 Number 6, November/December 2008. The article relates the excavation of a Neolithic ritual site where crystalline rock had been carefully laid around a natural spring. Evidence showed that the site had been used for spellcasting in later centuries. One specific spell to promote fertility had been buried in the ground over and over again since Medieval times. Scientists were astonished to find the same ritual objects being buried there as late as the 1950s!  Here is evidence of continuous pagan practice since neolithic times.


I am a Celt from Southern Wales and not unfamiliar with the pagan practices of this still magical land. I also dwelled for many years in the midst of the Kentish Weald – and I can attest to the truth of Gardner’s claims. Much of this knowledge is used in my fictional account of the efforts in England to counter the magical works of the Nazi Regime. Here I have gone back tomy childhood to resurrect some of the characters of the Weald I knew or heard about–and the secret Sabbats they mounted as part of Churchill’s amazing and little discussed “Watch.” This was the group he organize to wage the occult war against Hitler.

So, as the fires burn and the cauldrons bubble this coming All Souls Eve, look over your shoulder as you dance deosil upon the magic circle. The naked maiden behind you may well be a witch of true power, and true religion with the magic of many a century in her veins!


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Hitler In Argentina

picture deleted from Wikipedia's Harrer biography page

picture deleted from Wikipedia’s Harrer biography page

Argentinian journalist Abel Basti is suing two English writers for using his research without acknowledgement in a new book claiming that Adolf Hitler arrived in Argentina in 1945 after the defeat of Germany. In the book “Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler” writers Gerrard Williams and Simon Dunstan detail Hitler’s life in Argentina with Eva Braun until his death in 1965. The story, now making headlines all over the world, draws attention once again to the myth that will not die–that Hitler actually did survive the war. Much is made of the fact that Stalin said as much in 1945, insisting that Hitler’s was not found in the gardens of the Reichs Chancellery. The claim is further fueled by photographs of the body that have surfaced that show a man’s face that resembles Hitler–but is clearly not the actual man. In “The Watch: The Secret War for the Soul of Germany” I write a fictional account of Hitler’s escape from Berlin-and reveal exactly who was shot and left for the Russians to find in a crater in the Reichs Chancellery garden. It was Karl Harrer, the Nazi party member who supposedly ‘died’ in 1926. In the book I detail how Harrer was used as one of Hitler’s ‘doubles’ a practice followed by a number of WWII leaders, most notably Winston Churchill. In the book Hitler, along with Himmler and others, leaves Germany from the Kiel submarine yards aboard U-530. I have written about the arrival of U-530 in Argentina earlier in this blog.


Hitler an official picture–are their subtle differences in these two men? (Courtesy Google Images)

Was there is an uncanny likeness between German Karl Harrer and Adolf Hitler? Wikipedia published a picture of Karl Harrer in a Harrer biography–and removed it this year. It appears over the name Karl Harrer at (link at bottom of post) and is now saved among a collection of pictures of Hitler on Google images. Did Wikipedia get it wrong? Why do so many others think this is a picture of Harrer, not Hitler? While the picture mostly likely is that of a younger Hitler, the ‘mistake’ lends further fuel to the argument that it was Harrer not Hitler whose burned corpse was found by the Russians. Was Stalin right? Probably not–but then “Uncle Joe” was playing his own Hitler game. Anthony Beevor, author of Berlin: The Downfall 1945” –an excellent and well researched and acclaimed historical book–noted that on May 3, 1945, Generals from the 1st Belorussian Front were present at the Chancellery building when the body of man with a “…toothbrush moustache and diagonal fringe was found.” It was initially identified as the corpse of Hitler–but was then rejected as his corpse “because its socks were darned.” I emphasize this for two reasons, first why wouldn’t Hitlers socks be darned? It would not seem to be a dictator’s style–but then style was hardly a consideration in the last desperate days in the Führerbunker! Secondly–a fact that seems to have escaped historians–clearly there was a dead Hitler look alike in the Chancellery ruins. On May 5 Russian Lt. General Aleksandr Vadis was informed that two burned bodies were found wrapped in a Wehrmacht blanket in a crater in the gardens. Vadis was an NKVD officer, the Chief of Counterintelligence for SMERSH. The corpses were smuggled out of Berlin–General Zhukov in charge of the Red army was not informed (did not learn of the discovery until 20 years later!). Beevor reports that Vadis found Hitler’s dentist and ‘she’ examined the jaws of the skull–and confirmed that it had Hitler’s bridge work. Wouldn’t she have confirmed this even if it were not so? Even if it were Harrer’s jaw? Especialy if she knew Hitler was alive and well elsewhere? For years Stalin maintained that ‘Hitler’ was not found–part of a ploy (or real suspicion) to accuse the Americans and British of harboring him.


Historians dismiss the latest book, and thereby Basti’s findings. He states that Hitler remained married to Braun and had two daughters (who would be alive in Argentina today). “2000% rubbish” says historian Guy Walters. Can we be that sure? Basti’s information, the other accounts of survival dating from 1945 and the word of the NKVD (later the KGB) concerning the jaw bone findings – all leave enough doubt for the myth to linger.


Fortunately I can use the cloak of fiction to explore the ‘myth’ further–as readers will see.

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October 28, 2013 · 3:33 pm

Ernterfest : A Halloween Story

Bones at Majdanek (Courtesy of

Bones at Majdanek (Courtesy of

The research I undertook for “The Watch: The Secret War for the Soul of Germany” was designed to flesh out a fictional approach to the many questions about the occult influences at work in the decades of German history prior to World War II. The work led me into many dark corners, not places I would have chosen to go, not places I would have chosen to linger. One of the questions I sought to explore was the idea that hidden deep behind the politics of the NDSAP was a formalized magical ‘master plan’ designed to empower the Nazi regime.

This was proposed in the 1960s by authors Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier (The Morning of the Magicians, Destiny Books). Further research over the years led to the origins of occult thinking in Germany from the 19th into the early 20th century. Until the advent of the Internet most of the publications on the subject were obscure, hard to find and sometimes deliberately held secret. One was “The Occult Significance of Blood,” by Rudolf Steiner, the man who founded Anthroposophy. An Austrian, Steiner lived in Germany and in 1907 he published the 44 page volume in which he discussed the reasons why human blood was deemed so important in magical operations. He wrote: “He who gains power over a man’s blood gains power over the man.”

Steiner suggests that blood, as a magical fluid, contains the spiritual wisdom of the race to which it belongs. Each person of that race is a small part of the spiritual wisdom of the race, that ‘sense-experience’ of the past is active in the blood–a reference perhaps to the so-called Akashic Record.

I found these ideas later reflected in the writings of Guido von List and Lanz von Lebensfels, two occultists read by Adolf Hitler and, in the case of Lebensfels, possibly one of his mentors. Lebensfels was a virulent anti-semite who published tracts calling for the spilling of Jewish blood and the burning of the bodies as sacrifice to the Aryan gods.

Steiner, who died in 1927 as the Nazi party was taking shape, was vilified by the Nazi press–even Hitler penned an article against him in his own newspaper. By 1925 he was being attacked during lecture appearances and had to leave Munich for his own safety. He was accused of being under the influence of Jewish factions in Germany, of being a Jew, even. Why? Perhaps it was because Steiner well understood the black magical motivation behind the Nazi plans to “solve the Jewish question.”

Rudolph Steiner (Courtesy Wikipedia)

Rudolph Steiner (Courtesy Wikipedia)

It comes as no surprise then, to later find Heinrich Himmler, the “Black Priest” of the Nazi movement devising methods to spill Jewish blood and incinerate the corpses just as Lanz demanded. Could it be that the Nazi regime gained ‘power’ over Jewish blood and by spilling it they ‘empowered’ their own race blood?

Hitler scorned intellectualism, holding that race memory and its “spiritual science” was more important. He believed (as List maintained) that wisdom was to be found in the legends and myths of the Aryan race–that this was more important than the experimental science of the day. The words strongly echo Steiner’s 1907 article. Hitler found much wisdom in the occult knowledge hidden in the Medieval legend of Parsival. His plans for the “lebensraum” to be stolen from nations to the east as far as Russia was part of a plan to return to Germans to the simpler days of love of soil and harvest, a time when Aryan Germans would be the Barons, the Ubermensch served by a peasant slave force from inferior nations.

Pagan rites and festivals thus loom large in the Nazi background–and one chilling episode now begins to raise echoes of the great and hidden magical master plan behind the Nazi regime.

There is no Halloween in the German festival calendar–but there is Erntedankfest, a November harvest festival that is an echo (as with similar festivals in other countries) of ancient pagan rites. In 1943 the war was beginning to unravel for Germany. On November 3rd the SS launched “Aktion Erntefest” (Operation Harvest Festival) at Majdanek Concentration Camp in Poland. 500 men shot and buried 83,000 Jews, Poles and other prisoners in the space of two days.

As with other burials after mass killings, the Germans later returned to these sites, exhumed the bodies and burned them. Supposedly they were destroying the evidence of their actions. It is easy enough to write these words, hardest of all to even begin to grasp the magnitude of such an evil act. Most chilling is the possibility that there could have been a connection between this ‘harvest massacre’ and a magical ritual to further ‘empower’ the Nazi cause at a time when it was needed.


Lest it ever be forgotten, I quote from




The principal instruments of these atrocitics are Obergruppanfuehrer Globocnik-Chief of the SS and SD in Lublin; Wendler-ex-Governor of the Lublin Wojew=F2dstwo; Sturmbannfuehrer Dominnik-Chief of thc SS and SD in Lublin; Sturmbannfuehrer Liski-Chief of Prisoner of War Camps in Poland; Standartenfuehrer Koch-Chief of Camps; Obersturmfuehrer Kegel; Hauptsturmfuehrer Melzer-Deputy Commandant of the camp; Hauptsturmfuehrer Kloppmann; Obersturmfuehrer Tumann; Oberscharfuehrer Musfeld; Oberscharfuehrer Kostial; camp doctors Hauptscharfuehrer Erich Gruen, Hauptscharfuehrer Rindfleisch and Hauptsturmfuerer Blanke; Untersturmfuehrer Wende, Chief of the crematorium and all the other persons acting in the role of executioners and guilty of exterminating innocent people.

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The Ancient Sacred Circle


The Sacred Circle is the one most common features of all pagan and magical traditions. Perhaps it was first established when early cultures built henges from Florida to the Far East and everywhere in between–a worldwide religion still little studied and even less understood.

The basis of most European magical traditions is to be found in the text left to us by Hermes Trismegistus, the Egyptian priest who finally recorded the magical traditions of a priesthood that dated back to 5000 or 10,000 before the present era (depending upon which researcher you are talking to). The Hermetica is available on Amazon today–but there was a time when it was the most jealously guarded secret book of Europe’s early magical traditions and secret societies. While acquiring to book is easy enough, understanding its arcane language and subtle meanings is another matter. Like the Bible, much depends upon which language the text is read in, the original hieratic being the closest to the original words. Not that words are the best way to understand the ancient Egyptian spiritual mind, for this advanced culture kept their sacred secrets to the language of unspoken symbol. The sacred circle emerged from the Egyptian discourses on number–not the math you and I know–but the magical power the language of number has over the entire Universe.

The magical circle is the symbol from within which all major rituals are cast. The magician or the priestess ‘casts’ the circle in spirit over a physical circle upon the ground or floor. Starting at the north quadrant, the practitioner utters certain magical incantations and at the same time draws symbols, usually called sigils, in the air with an athame or sacred dagger. The ritual is repeated at the east, south and west stations. On returning to the north the sacred circle is declared ‘closed’. Thus the celebrants have created a spiritual protection for themselves against the forces that are being called upon to perform a magical work. You can call these forces negative energies, or you can personalize them as demons of one kind or another (depending upon whether you are of a man-made religious bent or a scientist).

The high magick traditions of ancient Europe are doubtless using a magical process derived from Hermetic magick. Could it be that the same process of the pagans is handed down from an even older Henge related tradition? The origins of both do not appear to be from the same source.

In “The Watch: The Secret War for the Soul of Germany” Adolf Hitler, as a young man in Vienna, is trained in the magical tradition of the Templars by his mentor, Lanz von Liebels. Later we see the Witches of the Kentish Weald raise a cone of power against Germany from a long buried henge. Both work from within a sacred circle–for very different ends.

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Milkow’s Henge: Mirror of Time


Cultine: Drawing of the Henge from Witowski’s Book–showing the structures beneath the pylons that are now obscured by earth and vegetation.

The Wenceslaus Mine is located in the Jonestal Valley, lower Silesia near the village of Milkow. On a raised area above the mine there stands a concrete structure called “The Henge” by locals and researchers. It looks like a modern version of Stonehenge and is surrounded by conjecture and theory that has not diminished since its construction during World War II. The less creatively inclined, the structure looks like the support structure for a modern water tower. This fact alone stirs the curiosity of researchers; water towers of the era were mostly built on steel supports–so why was this structure built so massively from pre-stressed concrete with an advanced design?

The Henge as it appears today (Picture: Google Images)

The Henge as it appears today (Picture: Google Images)

This question did not drive further research into the structure until after 2003. That year Polish military technology writer Igor Witowski published The Truth About The Wunderwaffe  (ISBN-10: 1618613383) a controversial book in which he claimed that intelligence sources had revealed to him details of the Milkow Komplex. Among other issues, Witowski describes the Henge as a test rig of some sort. A drawing in his book shows the henge sitting on a dish-like concrete platform with conduit tunnels underneath it. Investigators have also noted heavy metal support rings at the top of each column. These appear to transfer the weight of a large suspended object inside the Henge to the concrete supports. This is not consistent with water tower construction–at the time or later. Clearly, the structure is not the support structure for a water tower.

Rainer Karlsch, a respected German historian published Hitler’s Bombe  (ISBN-10: 3421058091 in German) in 2011. In it he discusses the Milkow Komplex and the results of University research done at the location. The purpose was to determine what, if any, research had been done during the war at Milkow on fissionable materials, either for an atomic bomb or other purposes. The scientists found that the reinforced concrete of the Henge showed evidence of powerful neutron irradiation.

In 2007 Henry Stevens wrote Hitler’s Suppressed and Still Secret Weapons, Science and Technology (ISBN: 978-1-931882-73-8). In it he refers to a conversation his informant Greg Rowe overheard between his father and Otto Cerny, a German scientist who worked at the Milkow-Ludwikowice project and apparently escaped execution–unlike 62 fellow scientists and technicians. Cerny referred to “time experiments” and described the henge as a support structure for a massive mirror in which images of the past could be seen.

Efforts continue to debunk the various Henge theories and label it as what it appears to be – a water tower support. This explanation fails to take into account the known facts developed by reputable academic investigators.

While the Henge continues to offer only questions, I have provided answers in “The Watch: The Secret War for the Soul of Germany” in which I am able to use a fictional context to describe exactly what the Henge was used for and how the device within it operated using power focussed and directed into it from a bell device (Die Glocke) in the Wenceslaus mine below the Henge. The Bell and the Henge are critical to the real reason for the Milkow Komplex and the role it played in the outcome of World War II. The MS for the book gets its final reading from my editor within a few days of this post–after which it goes to my agent in New York and to a major motion picture director who has expressed an interest in the book based on information provided by my writer friend and colleague Jim Riordan (Stone: Biography of Oliver Stone, ISBN-10: 1854104446). We’ll keep you posted!

Cover of the English version of Witowski's book (Picture:

Cover of the English version of Witowski’s book (Picture:

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Hitler’s Spear of Destiny


A Roman centurion used a spear to pierce the side of Christ during the crucifixion. In later historical times several spears were displayed as the one that was used. Some, obviously, had to be fakes. The one spear thought to be most likely the real one (if it ever did get to Europe) was in a Museum in Vienna when Adolf Hitler was a youthful starving artist there. It is credited with sinister magical powers–and Hitler was transfixed when he first saw it.

Longinus was the centurion who pierced the side of Christ. It is claimed that he was a Teuton, recruited by Rome from the Germanic territories conquered as its legions expanded across Europe. Longinus returned to his homelands and his spear next appears in ancient Nuremberg after having passed through the hands of several great conquerors starting with Constantine. Others such as Heinrich the Fowler, Charlemagne possessed the spear–and in every case died shortly after losing it.

The glory and the deaths gave rise to the magical legend of the spear. It supposedly gave its owner the power to rule the world for as long as they owned it. Story after story is told about how one ruler or another lost the spear–only to die within hours or days. When Napoleon advanced toward Russia, Nuremberg was in his path. In order to prevent it from falling into the French Emperor’s hands, the spear, along with other important historical crown jewels, was taken to Austria for safekeeping.

The Austrians kept it all. The jewels were displayed in the The Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna and were there when the young Adolf Hitler visited. It is said that he stood in front of the Spear of Destiny for two hours, transfixed and seeing visions of his future.

Years later, when Germany ‘annexed’ Austria in what was called the Anschluss or union, one of the first things Hitler and his occult alter ego Himmler did was to seize the Spear and the other treasures. They were returned to Nuremberg. Ii is believed that Himmler used the Spear in occult rituals–he would often borrow it for months at a time from Nuremberg.

Hitler’s first moments with the Spear of Destiny is a major scene in “The Watch:The Secret War for the Soul of Germany” the novel about the occult influences at work behind Hitler’s rise to power and the strange technologies that Hitler pursued even at the cost of the war itself. Claims have persisted since the end of the war that the spear returned to Austria is a replica. Is it? If so, where is the original? The answer, my answer at least, lies within the pages of “The Watch.”

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The Mystery of U-530


In July of 1945–almost three months after Admiral Donitz had ordered all operating Nazi U-boats to surrender–Oberleutnant Otto Wermuth surfaced Uboat U-530 at Mar del Plata, Argentina. The sub had been trimmed of weight by removing the deck gun and stripping the torpedo bays. The log book had been dumped overboard, and not one member of the crew had ID papers. According to public records the captain “offered” no explanation as to where the sub had been during the two months after the war had ended.

As the mysterious affair gained traction in the world’s press, an Argentinian reporter stated that he had seen a provincial police report on a U-boat surfacing off the Argentine coast several days before the surrender. The police report claimed that “high ranking” Germans had been off-loaded. It was claimed they may have included Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun. This story assumed more weight when rumours about the sub’s torpedo bay surfaced. It was claimed that bay had been stripped before the sub surrendered. There were the remains of fine foods, wines and cigars aboard.

The Captain and  crew were quickly transferred to the US. The Argentine Naval Ministry issued a statement: There had been no U-boat off the coast earlier. U-530 carried no high ranking Nazis, no-one had been landed prior to the surrender.

This did little to dampen the rumours. In  November of 1947 U-530 was sunk off the US coast by the US Submarine Toro or SS-422 in deep enough waters to assure the sub would not be accessed in future years. The interrogation report of Wermuth and the crew remained secret. A summary of the report was later made public and can be found at ( It is more remarkable for what it does not say. The report states that Wermuth was active off the American coast in the last months of the war, using torpedos to attack US shipping. When it was clear the war was coming to a close, the captain and crew elected to go to Argentina to surrender. Many of the crew expected to settle there. No mention is made of why it took so long to get to Argentina, no mention of a stripped torpedo bay (rear or forward), no mention of Wermuth being allowed to “offer” no explanation for the discrepancies in his story. The report appears to be a crudely sanitized version of the actual interrogations.

What was the real story behind U-530? While the truth may one day surface (so to speak) the known facts lend themselves to the stuff of fiction. The mention of the sub is brief in “The Watch” but an extensive chapter follows in the sequel.


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