The Strange Story of Project Milkow


During the opening years of the World War II Himmler directed SS General and Engineer Dr. Hans Kammler to construct a vast complex of underground factories and laboratories in a region of lower Silesia known as the Jonestal Valley. The complex itself was called Die Riese—“The Giant”. The area, stretching from Furstenstein in the north to Milkow in the south, was to be connected by a network of underground roads. Many of the underground facilities were to house industries and research important to the war effort—but many were also built for exotic research that would never have produced results in time to be of value to the outcome of the war. These projects were the most secretive of all, information about them being kept only to the very highest levels of the Nazi Government. Even Nazi government ministers complained about the money and labor being poured into these projects. They were told nothing. Concrete needed for the all-important defense of the French Coast against allied invasion was diverted to Die Reise. Why? What was so important that it even trumped defense against Allied invasion? To this day little or nothing is known about the mysterious complex or the secret projects within it. Rumors persist about the development of atomic energy or atomic bombs. Most curious of all was “Projekt Chronos” – “Project Time” –all we know today is the name of the research program, nothing more. This operation, conducted in the Wenceslaus Mine near Milkow, was perhaps the most secret of all. As the Nazis abandoned the area days ahead of the arrival of Russian Red Army troops under General Konev, they blew the mine apart—then shot and buried the 62 scientists that worked on the project!

The Allies expected a pitched battle when they arrived at Milkow. Intelligence revealed that 2500 SS Wehrmacht troops had been seen marching into the mine. When they arrived they found the place empty—and the mine sealed—from the inside! When the entrance to the mine was finally gained nothing was found inside but empty concrete chambers. Heinrich Himmler’s occult bureau the Ahnenerbe was headed by Karl Wiligut, a Golden Dawn member and Hermetic magician who claimed to be able to access time and the ‘Akashic Record’ of the past and future in order provide vital information to the Nazis and the SS in particular. He claimed he had seen images from 200,000 years in the past. The few slave workers at Milkow that survived the war spoke of research into a “…mirror in which images of the past could be seen…” Could this have been related to Wiligut’s claims? In writing the “The Watch” I wanted to advance a new theory about the story of Britain’s still secret ‘occult war’ against Nazi magicians employed by Himmler and Hitler–and how it connects with the strange technology at work within Die Reise. In future blogs I will explore this theory and explain much of the magical practices of the Nazis and the technology that went hand in hand with it.


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