Himmler’s Vial of Blood


Why did SS leader Heinrich Himmler keep a vial of blood on his office desk? Historians have claimed that Himmler held many bizarre beliefs. Among them is the known fact that he kept a glass vial of blood on his desk. The purpose of this object has mystified academics—perhaps not one of these authors (and there are several) has had any contact with occult research or those that follow the most ancient traditions of “high magick.”  As far back as medieval times there were rumors of great wisdom being held by secret societies in Europe. It is commonly accepted that the Knights Templar, the small band of penniless crusaders who occupied Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, discovered such wisdom brought from Egypt by the Jews. Certainly within years they became one of the richest and most powerful organizations in the world. They challenged the power of the Catholic Church and European Kings—and were destroyed. Their wisdom remained underground and other secret societies never again raised their heads. To this day, their secret knowledge has survived. It is believed that books written by Egyptian priests were rescued from the great library at Alexandria before Christians burned it. This is the source of the knowledge of societies ranging from the Templars and The Golden Dawn to the Rosicrucians and other still secret brotherhoods. The original Egyptian source was a priest known to the Greeks as Hermes Trismegistus. His knowledge, called ‘Hermetic Magic” is the source of the high magical traditions of today. Much of this information is now available to the casual researcher on the Internet. Even more arcane information can be found in old and modern books.

One common ritual found in Hermetic Magic is that of “charging” a fluid with energy. It would be clear to anyone with knowledge of these Hermetic rituals that Himmler’s vial of blood had been charged in a ritual. In the  “The Watch” I explain why Himmler needed the vial of blood and how it was used with the Spear of Destiny in special rituals. Himmler would often ‘borrow’ the spear from its keepers in Nuremberg, sometimes for months at a time. I used the novel to  delve into these occult mysteries behind the rise of the Third Reich and how it relates to the  strange technological research of the Third Reich.


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