Hitler’s Spear of Destiny


A Roman centurion used a spear to pierce the side of Christ during the crucifixion. In later historical times several spears were displayed as the one that was used. Some, obviously, had to be fakes. The one spear thought to be most likely the real one (if it ever did get to Europe) was in a Museum in Vienna when Adolf Hitler was a youthful starving artist there. It is credited with sinister magical powers–and Hitler was transfixed when he first saw it.

Longinus was the centurion who pierced the side of Christ. It is claimed that he was a Teuton, recruited by Rome from the Germanic territories conquered as its legions expanded across Europe. Longinus returned to his homelands and his spear next appears in ancient Nuremberg after having passed through the hands of several great conquerors starting with Constantine. Others such as Heinrich the Fowler, Charlemagne possessed the spear–and in every case died shortly after losing it.

The glory and the deaths gave rise to the magical legend of the spear. It supposedly gave its owner the power to rule the world for as long as they owned it. Story after story is told about how one ruler or another lost the spear–only to die within hours or days. When Napoleon advanced toward Russia, Nuremberg was in his path. In order to prevent it from falling into the French Emperor’s hands, the spear, along with other important historical crown jewels, was taken to Austria for safekeeping.

The Austrians kept it all. The jewels were displayed in the The Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna and were there when the young Adolf Hitler visited. It is said that he stood in front of the Spear of Destiny for two hours, transfixed and seeing visions of his future.

Years later, when Germany ‘annexed’ Austria in what was called the Anschluss or union, one of the first things Hitler and his occult alter ego Himmler did was to seize the Spear and the other treasures. They were returned to Nuremberg. Ii is believed that Himmler used the Spear in occult rituals–he would often borrow it for months at a time from Nuremberg.

Hitler’s first moments with the Spear of Destiny is a major scene in “The Watch:The Secret War for the Soul of Germany” the novel about the occult influences at work behind Hitler’s rise to power and the strange technologies that Hitler pursued even at the cost of the war itself. Claims have persisted since the end of the war that the spear returned to Austria is a replica. Is it? If so, where is the original? The answer, my answer at least, lies within the pages of “The Watch.”


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