Milkow’s Henge: Mirror of Time


Cultine: Drawing of the Henge from Witowski’s Book–showing the structures beneath the pylons that are now obscured by earth and vegetation.

The Wenceslaus Mine is located in the Jonestal Valley, lower Silesia near the village of Milkow. On a raised area above the mine there stands a concrete structure called “The Henge” by locals and researchers. It looks like a modern version of Stonehenge and is surrounded by conjecture and theory that has not diminished since its construction during World War II. The less creatively inclined, the structure looks like the support structure for a modern water tower. This fact alone stirs the curiosity of researchers; water towers of the era were mostly built on steel supports–so why was this structure built so massively from pre-stressed concrete with an advanced design?

The Henge as it appears today (Picture: Google Images)

The Henge as it appears today (Picture: Google Images)

This question did not drive further research into the structure until after 2003. That year Polish military technology writer Igor Witowski published The Truth About The Wunderwaffe  (ISBN-10: 1618613383) a controversial book in which he claimed that intelligence sources had revealed to him details of the Milkow Komplex. Among other issues, Witowski describes the Henge as a test rig of some sort. A drawing in his book shows the henge sitting on a dish-like concrete platform with conduit tunnels underneath it. Investigators have also noted heavy metal support rings at the top of each column. These appear to transfer the weight of a large suspended object inside the Henge to the concrete supports. This is not consistent with water tower construction–at the time or later. Clearly, the structure is not the support structure for a water tower.

Rainer Karlsch, a respected German historian published Hitler’s Bombe  (ISBN-10: 3421058091 in German) in 2011. In it he discusses the Milkow Komplex and the results of University research done at the location. The purpose was to determine what, if any, research had been done during the war at Milkow on fissionable materials, either for an atomic bomb or other purposes. The scientists found that the reinforced concrete of the Henge showed evidence of powerful neutron irradiation.

In 2007 Henry Stevens wrote Hitler’s Suppressed and Still Secret Weapons, Science and Technology (ISBN: 978-1-931882-73-8). In it he refers to a conversation his informant Greg Rowe overheard between his father and Otto Cerny, a German scientist who worked at the Milkow-Ludwikowice project and apparently escaped execution–unlike 62 fellow scientists and technicians. Cerny referred to “time experiments” and described the henge as a support structure for a massive mirror in which images of the past could be seen.

Efforts continue to debunk the various Henge theories and label it as what it appears to be – a water tower support. This explanation fails to take into account the known facts developed by reputable academic investigators.

While the Henge continues to offer only questions, I have provided answers in “The Watch: The Secret War for the Soul of Germany” in which I am able to use a fictional context to describe exactly what the Henge was used for and how the device within it operated using power focussed and directed into it from a bell device (Die Glocke) in the Wenceslaus mine below the Henge. The Bell and the Henge are critical to the real reason for the Milkow Komplex and the role it played in the outcome of World War II. The MS for the book gets its final reading from my editor within a few days of this post–after which it goes to my agent in New York and to a major motion picture director who has expressed an interest in the book based on information provided by my writer friend and colleague Jim Riordan (Stone: Biography of Oliver Stone, ISBN-10: 1854104446). We’ll keep you posted!

Cover of the English version of Witowski's book (Picture:

Cover of the English version of Witowski’s book (Picture:


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