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Japanese Super Subs and Hitler’s Mercury

I-52 I-53

The only known pictures of I-52 (foreground) and I-53 in the Kure shipyard in Japan

C-3 and I-400 were the designations for a class of submarines built by the Japanese during World War Two. The 1-400 was an underwater aircraft carrier! It could surface, launch three planes and vanish. The !-25 was a football field sized mega-sub designed as a cargo carrier.


An I-400 sub–it could carry small craft and up to three airplanes.

Both could travel from Japan to Germany without surfacing. Only a few of each class were built, although many more were planned. It is not known how many round trips were made by these submarines but it is known that they carried tons of war materiel, gold, rare metals–and mercury to the Nazis. They also carried experts of various kinds to both learn and pass on information about shared weaponry. These men had to lie in their bunks virtually for the entire journey–activity that would ensure they used the least amount of air and oxygen possible. The mercury is of special interest to many researchers. One sub carried 7 tons! This was more than could be used for any conventional purpose by the Germans.

Many theorize that the mercury was destined for the Jonestall Valley where ultra secret programs centered around Die Glocke (The Bell) a device that used massive amounts of mercury in its operation. It has been suggested that the device converted mercury into gold and U-235, fissionable Uranium that could have been used for an atomic bomb.

In “The Watch: The Secret War For the Soul of Germany”  I explain how one I-25 was used to bring mercury and a Japanese swordmaster to Germany. The mercury was used to create a power plant for an Antarctic base built by the Nazis. The swordmaster is provided with ancient Roman metals from excavated swords and crucifixions–he uses them to create replicas of the Spear of Destiny for Himmler. One of them them, it is said, replaced the real one in the Viennese museum where the Spear and Austrian crown jewels were returned after the war. One of the most spectacular strikes against the Japanese supply line came on the night of June 22, 1944 when Ultra code intercepts revealed that 1-52, a C-3 cargo sub was to meet U-530 (see earlier blog about the U-530 surrender months after the war ended) in mid Atlantic off the Cape Verde Islands to take on a Enigma code machine and its operators as well as new specialized radar gear. Ship launched American planes attacked the two subs using new acoustic torpedoes. I-530 escaped unharmed–perhaps to carry Hitler or other officials to safety in Argentina. I-52 was struck by at least two torpedoes and sank with everyone on board. It was found in three miles of water by researcher Paul Tidwell in 1995–he hopes to recover $25 million in gold that was aboard the sub.


Paul Tidwell found the I-52 in 1995 — and placed the Rising Sun on the sub out of respect for the 100+ dead it entombs.

conning tower

Ghostly Image of I-52 Conning tower three miles down.


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Hitler’s Connection with vampires?

Dr. Franz Hartmann was a respected occult researcher--and Founder of the Munich OTO that later funded Hitler (google Images)

Dr. Franz Hartmann was a respected occult researcher–and Founder of the Munich OTO that later funded Hitler (google Images)

Yes…the connection is very tenuous indeed but it does exist! An occult expert and researcher made the connection while investigating the life of leading turn of the century occultist Dr. Franz Hartmann. Not only was there a distant connection with Hitler–Hartmann also translated the Bhagavad Gita into German–the very edition that was Heinrich Himmler’s personal spiritual ‘bible.’

First, Hitler and vampires. Dr. Mark Newell is an anthropologist with a research interest in occult traditions ranging from the Congo to Egypt to Europe. Newell tells me, “Authors Leslie Shepherd and Peter Haining both re-published an account of ‘authentic’ vampirism that first appeared in the Occult Review of September, 1909. The article was written by Franz Hartmann. The founder and editor was an English engineer by the name of Ralph Shirley.”

“Hartmann was an associate of Lanz von Lebenfels and Guido von List, both in Vienna at the time and leading lights of the Germanic occult movement. Hartmann tells of reading a story in a Vienna newspaper one morning about the burning of a castle in Romania. The local villagers believed that the owner was a vampire responsible for the death of many children in the area.

Makart's Portrait of Elga.  Ralph Shirley probably took this photo.

Makart’s Portrait of Elga. Ralph Shirley probably took this photo.

“At the time Hartmann was with a friend who revealed that he visited the very same castle in 1907 when he was building a nearby road (it is clear that the friend was in fact Ralph Shirley-JR). He described a portrait in the castle as being particularly evil and animated. The friend was accompanied by two other men, one of whom reported being “visited” by the woman in the portrait. It was apparent from the story that it was she who was the vampire. Hartmann swears as to the truth of the story. His account in huge Occult Review showed a photograph of huge painting taken by the engineer. The painter was the celebrated Hans Makart– who went mad at the age of 44 shortly after completing the portrait. The man of who received the visitation fled to America. Hartmann died three years later.”

The connection with Hitler? Hartmann was one the the founders of the Munich Order Templi Orientis, the OTO, the very organization that created the Thule Society and funded the German Workers Party–which of course later became the Nazi party.

The vampire story that was ‘authenticated’ by Shirley and Hartmann is fascinating and Newell’s account of it can be found at the link at the end of this post. Newell found the actual article in the Vienna newspaper read by Hartmann. In his account Hartmann disguised the name of his friend and the location of the castle and the name of the owner. These details are now known thanks to Newell’s research. There is yet another connection between Hartmann and the Nazi party–he translated the Bhagavad Gita from Sanskrit into German, the book that Heinrich Himmler kept by his bedside.

The article in the Viennese newspaper that Hartmann read in Shirley's presence.

The article in the Viennese newspaper that Hartmann read in Shirley’s presence.

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