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Researchers in Hawaii have found a mammoth World War II-era Japanese submarine scuttled by the U.S. Navy in 1946

An update on our recent I-400 article- The Hawaiian Undersea Research Lab ( see has reported that it has found on the rare monster subs off Oahu where it was scuttled by the US in 1946. The Americans dumped the submarine after a review of its cutting edge technology. Under WWII treaties, the US was obliged to share technology such as this with its allies–specifically the Russians. At the time relations between the Allies was succumbing to the chilling effects of the cold war. It is not known how the US explained the sinking of four I-400s off Hawaii to the Russians.


In The Watch: The Secret War for the Soul of Germany,  an I-400 prototype is used to bring mercury to Nazi Germany for use in Die Glocke hidden deep beneath the Jonestal valley in Silesia. Uichi Matsuomo is a character in the novel that reveals how the Nazi occultists became entwined in the German effort to create “wonder weapons” that would help them win the war. A master swordmaker, he makes two replicas of the Spear of Destiny for Heinrich Himmler. The mercury on board the sub is used to create Uranium 235 inside Die Glocke–”The Bell”– for a nuclear power plant in New Swabia, Germany’s colony at Antarctica.

No decisions have been made with respect the I-400, precursor’s of today’s massive nuclear submarines. They made be allowed to rest undisturbed, or one of them might be raised. None of the subs are war graves since they were captured by the US and later scuttled.


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