Ten Dead Tibetans

When Allied troops explored the ruins of Himmler’s gestapo headquarters among the amazing finds were the bodies of ten Tibetans. They were dressed in SS uniforms and all had been shot execution style. Who were they? What were they doing in Germany? What was their connection with Heinrich Himmler? No official answers have ever come forth and this is but one of the many enduring mysteries of the last days of the Third Reich.

We do know that Himmler had great interest in Tibet and eastern religion in general. His favorite book was the Bhagavad Gita, the Indian spiritual saga. He also was a proponent of Helena Blavatsky’s claims about the origin of the Aryan race in the Tibetan highlands.

Just prior to the war, Himmler sent explorer Eric Schäfer to Tibet on a mission to seek out these Aryan roots, to gather unique plant and animal specimens and to  learn more about sources of ancient wisdom.

Tibetexpedition, Expedition zu Gast bei Gould

The Schäfer expedition (Source:German federal Archives).

In “The Watch: Churchill’s Secret War for the Soul of Germany” from The Hamburg Press I use a fictional platform to  explain what else Schäfer was doing in Tibet — and so provide an explanation for those ten dead Tibetans. The book is on the presses as I write and will be available to purchase within the next week or so. Further posts will provide some links — the first 100 books will come directly from me and I will sign each one personally to the purchaser.

The Watch advances explanations for many of the strange occurrences that still confound researchers and historians. Why were certain chambers within the underground Nordhausen rocket factory found locked from the inside? What happened to the 2,500 crack SS troops who marched into the Jonestal Valley’s Wenceslaus Mine in Silesia? Large chambers in the mine were also found locked from the inside. When they were blasted open — they were completely empty. In The Watch I provide a theory based our limited knowledge of Nazi experiments with quantum physics and time itself.





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