General Patton – The Mystic Warrior:

He was unique. Before or since, there was no General like him. Like any leading General of his era, Patton was skilled in the art of war. Like some Generals of his era he could encourage men to die for a cause as he led them into battle. Unlike any General before or since Patton was a firm believer in reincarnation. He spoke and wrote poems about service under Caesar and Hannibal, he had an uncanny knowledge of the ground over which former great leaders had marched. This was not knowledge peculiar to Patton – his entire family believed in reincarnation from his father to his uncles. In “The Watch” I cover several true incidents in the life of Patton as part of the story of Ben Størgaard, a Minnesota farm boy who finds himself working deep inside Heinrich Himmler’s SS as a secret agent for Winston Churchill. On Patton’s 7th birthday he announced that he would die leading an army in a world war. He began his rise in the military when he killed Julio Cardenas, a ‘general’ under Pancho Villa. He later toured northern France before World War I – making maps of the area and routes he intended to use with an army of tanks – which had yet to be invented. The story also covers a meeting Patton is rumored to have had with General Field Marshal Günther von Kluge near Avranche shortly after the Allies had broken out of the Normandy beachhead. In his final appearance in the story, Patton seeks the whereabouts of the Spear of Destiny, the sacred object that entranced the young Adolf Hitler in the Kuntshistorisches Museum in the Hoffburg at Vienna. General George Patton III had his faults, as any researcher quickly discovers when delving into the many books and papers written about him and his life. He was both a product of his time, and also a human being with the faults common to any of us this today. Beyond that is the sense that here was something extraordinary, a soul connected with the greater universe of time and space, with the ability to transcend both. A few years back I had the privilege of holding in my hands the two Colt Model 1873 revolvers that were first issued to Patton in the U.S. Army (some say he favored Smith & Wessons, not the Colt). He wore them at the battle of San Miguelito when he and his men killed Cardenas and two others. Even then they had ivory handles. Patton knew his destiny – and his connection with the primal forces that drive all existence still makes those two revolvers hum with energy. The Watch can be purchased at:



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