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New Underground Secrets from Nazi Past


Never before published photograph of destruction of a Nazi underground research facility. The man in the light coat (left center) has been identified as a British MI6 agent involved in Operation Paperclip. The photo was taken in 1946 (author’s files).

A 75 acre underground factory hidden by the Nazis at the end of World War II—and missed completely by the Russians and Western Allies as they plundered such sites for new technology—has been found by an Austrian documentary maker. Andreas Sulzer found the factory while researching at BergKristall, another massive underground facility that built Hitler’s jet aircraft, the Messerschmitt ME 262.The Nazis were the first to build jet powered fighter craft, just one example of the amazing advanced technology that was developed by the Nazis under the direction of Heinrich Himmler and his high technology general Hans Kammler.  As the war progressed the Nazi specialized in building underground facilities where everything from V2 Rockets to the strange Die Glocke—The Bell—device, were built.

It has long been thought that somewhere hidden in the vast complexes built by Kammler was one where the Nazis were developing an atomic bomb. Salsa may have found it. According to The Times of Israel. Salsa was led to the new facility by the diaries of a physicist who survived the mass killings of scientists and technicians by the Nazis as the Allies closed in on them. High levels of radiation have been detected at the site.

In my book “The Watch: Churchill’s Occult War for the Soul of Germany” I use a fictional platform to reveal new details about Himmler and Kammler and the underground industrial complexes of an area called Die Reise—The Giant. It was here that 2,500 crack SS troops disappeared into the Wenceslaus Mine. The mine was sealed from the inside, and yet it was found completely empty when Russian and American forces finally opened it up.

Himmler (or at least someone who looked much like him) was found dead of cyanide poisoning after being captured as he wandered the backroads of Western Germany among refugees escaping the Russians. Kammler was last seen near the Bergkristall site. He is thought to have orchestrated the transport of advanced weapons out of the Wenceslaus Mine aboard two of Germany’s largest cargo planes as the Red Army closed in. He has never been seen since. It is generally believed that he was brought to America via Operation Paperclip and given a new identity.

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The Moon Child

A young de-frocked priest with a pathological hatred of Jews, an ageing occultist who saw ancient runic secrets hidden throughout the German countryside—who could imagine they would both cause the loss of millions of lives by 1945? Lans von Liebenfels and Guido von List were both ‘feaux’ German aristocrats and occultists who wrote reams of rubbish about the Jews of the pan Germanic region and the ‘lost’ noble history of pagan Germany.

Guido von List

Guido von List (Wikipedia, German archives)


Lanz von Liebenfels

Von List lived in Vienna for much of his life and was famed among occult circles. He drew devotees from across Europe and England. Figures of importance in secret societies often convened in Vienna for meetings and rituals staged by von List. The one time he came under public scrutiny he drew ire for attempting a major black magic ritual, the creation of a ‘succubus’ or ‘moon child’. The succubus, a female demon feared (or perhaps favored) for sexual attacks on men during the dead of night.


Succubus or female demon as drawn by Pier Luiga Bondanza for World

of Warcraft. Female demons are popular with fantasy artists!


Mediaval carving of a succubus

The word got out somehow but history does not record whether he succeeded or failed—could a centenarian moon child succubus be living in Vienna today? List had to leave town after that. Liebenfels stayed on and published his strange magazine “Ostara” a bizarre mix of anti-jewish racial rants, railings against The Church and claims of racial superiority of the ‘Aryans.’

There were many oddball sources of the wave of this Aryan pride, Germanic nation building, anti-Semitic vitriol long before List and Liebenfels. The great composer Wagner was rabidly anti-Semitic. His English son in law, Houston Stewart Chamberlain wrote at length about the superiority of the German race and it was French author Joseph Gobineau who coined the term Aryan and first introduced the idea of a German ‘Master race.”

The almost hundred year phenomenon of this mix of national pride, a sense of Germanic destiny and racial superiority found its nadir in the person of one man—Adolf Hitler. There is little doubt that the young Hitler, as a destitute artist in Vienna, came into the sphere of influence of Leibenfels and perhaps List. There is a wealth of supporting information, but none of it links together into a coherent string of events that can be followed—which is why I wrote “The Watch” a novel about the occult origins of the Nazi party. The book traces the rise of Hitler from Vienna to Berlin, and draws in the lives of those forever connected to him by the great canvass of history that was World War II. In researching the book I spent 15 years reading from “Mein Kampf” to “A Genius for War,” from the “Bhagavad Gita” to “The Runes Workbook.”

We will forever attempt to fathom the madness that was the German nation under Nazism, both in fact and fiction. “The Watch” draws in heroes, villains, generals and politicians, not to mention witches, warlocks and the pure evil of demons such as Heinrich Himmler—and there is far more fact in the ‘novel’ than any reader will know.


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