General Patton – The Mystic Warrior:

He was unique. Before or since, there was no General like him. Like any leading General of his era, Patton was skilled in the art of war. Like some Generals of his era he could encourage men to die for a cause as he led them into battle. Unlike any General before or since Patton was a firm believer in reincarnation. He spoke and wrote poems about service under Caesar and Hannibal, he had an uncanny knowledge of the ground over which former great leaders had marched. This was not knowledge peculiar to Patton – his entire family believed in reincarnation from his father to his uncles. In “The Watch” I cover several true incidents in the life of Patton as part of the story of Ben Størgaard, a Minnesota farm boy who finds himself working deep inside Heinrich Himmler’s SS as a secret agent for Winston Churchill. On Patton’s 7th birthday he announced that he would die leading an army in a world war. He began his rise in the military when he killed Julio Cardenas, a ‘general’ under Pancho Villa. He later toured northern France before World War I – making maps of the area and routes he intended to use with an army of tanks – which had yet to be invented. The story also covers a meeting Patton is rumored to have had with General Field Marshal Günther von Kluge near Avranche shortly after the Allies had broken out of the Normandy beachhead. In his final appearance in the story, Patton seeks the whereabouts of the Spear of Destiny, the sacred object that entranced the young Adolf Hitler in the Kuntshistorisches Museum in the Hoffburg at Vienna. General George Patton III had his faults, as any researcher quickly discovers when delving into the many books and papers written about him and his life. He was both a product of his time, and also a human being with the faults common to any of us this today. Beyond that is the sense that here was something extraordinary, a soul connected with the greater universe of time and space, with the ability to transcend both. A few years back I had the privilege of holding in my hands the two Colt Model 1873 revolvers that were first issued to Patton in the U.S. Army (some say he favored Smith & Wessons, not the Colt). He wore them at the battle of San Miguelito when he and his men killed Cardenas and two others. Even then they had ivory handles. Patton knew his destiny – and his connection with the primal forces that drive all existence still makes those two revolvers hum with energy. The Watch can be purchased at:



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Ten Dead Tibetans

When Allied troops explored the ruins of Himmler’s gestapo headquarters among the amazing finds were the bodies of ten Tibetans. They were dressed in SS uniforms and all had been shot execution style. Who were they? What were they doing in Germany? What was their connection with Heinrich Himmler? No official answers have ever come forth and this is but one of the many enduring mysteries of the last days of the Third Reich.

We do know that Himmler had great interest in Tibet and eastern religion in general. His favorite book was the Bhagavad Gita, the Indian spiritual saga. He also was a proponent of Helena Blavatsky’s claims about the origin of the Aryan race in the Tibetan highlands.

Just prior to the war, Himmler sent explorer Eric Schäfer to Tibet on a mission to seek out these Aryan roots, to gather unique plant and animal specimens and to  learn more about sources of ancient wisdom.

Tibetexpedition, Expedition zu Gast bei Gould

The Schäfer expedition (Source:German federal Archives).

In “The Watch: Churchill’s Secret War for the Soul of Germany” from The Hamburg Press I use a fictional platform to  explain what else Schäfer was doing in Tibet — and so provide an explanation for those ten dead Tibetans. The book is on the presses as I write and will be available to purchase within the next week or so. Further posts will provide some links — the first 100 books will come directly from me and I will sign each one personally to the purchaser.

The Watch advances explanations for many of the strange occurrences that still confound researchers and historians. Why were certain chambers within the underground Nordhausen rocket factory found locked from the inside? What happened to the 2,500 crack SS troops who marched into the Jonestal Valley’s Wenceslaus Mine in Silesia? Large chambers in the mine were also found locked from the inside. When they were blasted open — they were completely empty. In The Watch I provide a theory based our limited knowledge of Nazi experiments with quantum physics and time itself.




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Online Interview @ Writers-and-Authors, March 4th

UPDATE : interview posted, feel free tom comment!

I will be doing an author interview on on Tuesday, March 4th. Jo Feliciani will host a guest blog for me and I will be available to answer questions through the comments section of WritersandAuthors and also through the comment section of this blog. Feel free to read and comment/ask.

Join the Facebook Event here.. (

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Researchers in Hawaii have found a mammoth World War II-era Japanese submarine scuttled by the U.S. Navy in 1946

An update on our recent I-400 article- The Hawaiian Undersea Research Lab ( see has reported that it has found on the rare monster subs off Oahu where it was scuttled by the US in 1946. The Americans dumped the submarine after a review of its cutting edge technology. Under WWII treaties, the US was obliged to share technology such as this with its allies–specifically the Russians. At the time relations between the Allies was succumbing to the chilling effects of the cold war. It is not known how the US explained the sinking of four I-400s off Hawaii to the Russians.


In The Watch: The Secret War for the Soul of Germany,  an I-400 prototype is used to bring mercury to Nazi Germany for use in Die Glocke hidden deep beneath the Jonestal valley in Silesia. Uichi Matsuomo is a character in the novel that reveals how the Nazi occultists became entwined in the German effort to create “wonder weapons” that would help them win the war. A master swordmaker, he makes two replicas of the Spear of Destiny for Heinrich Himmler. The mercury on board the sub is used to create Uranium 235 inside Die Glocke–”The Bell”– for a nuclear power plant in New Swabia, Germany’s colony at Antarctica.

No decisions have been made with respect the I-400, precursor’s of today’s massive nuclear submarines. They made be allowed to rest undisturbed, or one of them might be raised. None of the subs are war graves since they were captured by the US and later scuttled.

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Japanese Super Subs and Hitler’s Mercury

I-52 I-53

The only known pictures of I-52 (foreground) and I-53 in the Kure shipyard in Japan

C-3 and I-400 were the designations for a class of submarines built by the Japanese during World War Two. The 1-400 was an underwater aircraft carrier! It could surface, launch three planes and vanish. The !-25 was a football field sized mega-sub designed as a cargo carrier.


An I-400 sub–it could carry small craft and up to three airplanes.

Both could travel from Japan to Germany without surfacing. Only a few of each class were built, although many more were planned. It is not known how many round trips were made by these submarines but it is known that they carried tons of war materiel, gold, rare metals–and mercury to the Nazis. They also carried experts of various kinds to both learn and pass on information about shared weaponry. These men had to lie in their bunks virtually for the entire journey–activity that would ensure they used the least amount of air and oxygen possible. The mercury is of special interest to many researchers. One sub carried 7 tons! This was more than could be used for any conventional purpose by the Germans.

Many theorize that the mercury was destined for the Jonestall Valley where ultra secret programs centered around Die Glocke (The Bell) a device that used massive amounts of mercury in its operation. It has been suggested that the device converted mercury into gold and U-235, fissionable Uranium that could have been used for an atomic bomb.

In “The Watch: The Secret War For the Soul of Germany”  I explain how one I-25 was used to bring mercury and a Japanese swordmaster to Germany. The mercury was used to create a power plant for an Antarctic base built by the Nazis. The swordmaster is provided with ancient Roman metals from excavated swords and crucifixions–he uses them to create replicas of the Spear of Destiny for Himmler. One of them them, it is said, replaced the real one in the Viennese museum where the Spear and Austrian crown jewels were returned after the war. One of the most spectacular strikes against the Japanese supply line came on the night of June 22, 1944 when Ultra code intercepts revealed that 1-52, a C-3 cargo sub was to meet U-530 (see earlier blog about the U-530 surrender months after the war ended) in mid Atlantic off the Cape Verde Islands to take on a Enigma code machine and its operators as well as new specialized radar gear. Ship launched American planes attacked the two subs using new acoustic torpedoes. I-530 escaped unharmed–perhaps to carry Hitler or other officials to safety in Argentina. I-52 was struck by at least two torpedoes and sank with everyone on board. It was found in three miles of water by researcher Paul Tidwell in 1995–he hopes to recover $25 million in gold that was aboard the sub.


Paul Tidwell found the I-52 in 1995 — and placed the Rising Sun on the sub out of respect for the 100+ dead it entombs.

conning tower

Ghostly Image of I-52 Conning tower three miles down.

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Hitler’s Connection with vampires?

Dr. Franz Hartmann was a respected occult researcher--and Founder of the Munich OTO that later funded Hitler (google Images)

Dr. Franz Hartmann was a respected occult researcher–and Founder of the Munich OTO that later funded Hitler (google Images)

Yes…the connection is very tenuous indeed but it does exist! An occult expert and researcher made the connection while investigating the life of leading turn of the century occultist Dr. Franz Hartmann. Not only was there a distant connection with Hitler–Hartmann also translated the Bhagavad Gita into German–the very edition that was Heinrich Himmler’s personal spiritual ‘bible.’

First, Hitler and vampires. Dr. Mark Newell is an anthropologist with a research interest in occult traditions ranging from the Congo to Egypt to Europe. Newell tells me, “Authors Leslie Shepherd and Peter Haining both re-published an account of ‘authentic’ vampirism that first appeared in the Occult Review of September, 1909. The article was written by Franz Hartmann. The founder and editor was an English engineer by the name of Ralph Shirley.”

“Hartmann was an associate of Lanz von Lebenfels and Guido von List, both in Vienna at the time and leading lights of the Germanic occult movement. Hartmann tells of reading a story in a Vienna newspaper one morning about the burning of a castle in Romania. The local villagers believed that the owner was a vampire responsible for the death of many children in the area.

Makart's Portrait of Elga.  Ralph Shirley probably took this photo.

Makart’s Portrait of Elga. Ralph Shirley probably took this photo.

“At the time Hartmann was with a friend who revealed that he visited the very same castle in 1907 when he was building a nearby road (it is clear that the friend was in fact Ralph Shirley-JR). He described a portrait in the castle as being particularly evil and animated. The friend was accompanied by two other men, one of whom reported being “visited” by the woman in the portrait. It was apparent from the story that it was she who was the vampire. Hartmann swears as to the truth of the story. His account in huge Occult Review showed a photograph of huge painting taken by the engineer. The painter was the celebrated Hans Makart– who went mad at the age of 44 shortly after completing the portrait. The man of who received the visitation fled to America. Hartmann died three years later.”

The connection with Hitler? Hartmann was one the the founders of the Munich Order Templi Orientis, the OTO, the very organization that created the Thule Society and funded the German Workers Party–which of course later became the Nazi party.

The vampire story that was ‘authenticated’ by Shirley and Hartmann is fascinating and Newell’s account of it can be found at the link at the end of this post. Newell found the actual article in the Vienna newspaper read by Hartmann. In his account Hartmann disguised the name of his friend and the location of the castle and the name of the owner. These details are now known thanks to Newell’s research. There is yet another connection between Hartmann and the Nazi party–he translated the Bhagavad Gita from Sanskrit into German, the book that Heinrich Himmler kept by his bedside.

The article in the Viennese newspaper that Hartmann read in Shirley's presence.

The article in the Viennese newspaper that Hartmann read in Shirley’s presence.

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The Witches Of The Weald: A New Halloween Story


Ms. Jaqui Wood, the archaeologist who discovered the neolithic ritual site in Cornwall, England (Courtesy Archaeology Magazine)

Thanks to Gerald Gardner, many a new witch and warlock may well be dancing to the beat of the drum on the night of Samhain, October 31st. How many truly ancient witches of the “Old Religion” will be drawing down the moon among the newbies, the wannabees and the converted cowans?

Since Gardner began to publish his books on the revival of ancient witchcraft a great many residents of the myth wrapped British Isles have turned to ‘Neo-Paganism’ as an alternative to the man-made Christian religion that arose in 435 A.D. in a highly successful effort to organize the then gathering viral power of the teachings of Jesus.

Gardner wrote of the “Old Religion,” the Paganism that was world wide since before the Neolithic and perhaps even Paleolithic times. Gardner was a British colonial official in the East Indies and an amatuer anthropologist. He retired to England in the mid 1930s and claims to have connected with an ancient witch coven of the New Forest in the Weald of Southeast England. Britain, never a nation to easily give up a favored ancient and draconian law, repealed the Witchcraft Act of 1736 in 1945. It was then that Gardner began to openly write about active witchcraft in the British Isles. It is accepted today that he was largely responsible for the re-emergence of a new paganism dubbed “Wicca.”  In the years since it has gained massive popularity around the world and especially in the US.

British authorities and the Anglican and Catholic Churches liked to maintain that the “old” witchcraft traditions never really existed in any organized form, or that it died out centuries ago. Nothing could be further from the truth. Anthropologist Margaret Murray began to draw the veil aside in the 1920s when she published “The Witch-Cult in Western Europe” a book that drew largely on historical records of witch trials and other accounts. The book also made veiled references to current activity in England and so garnered the opposition of many other researchers and historians.

In truth, the ancient practices of witch covens are–and have been–as alive today under the cloak of the new Wicca as they ever were. In the middle of World War II a body was discovered stuffed inside the “Wytche Elm” and ancient hollow elm tree in the middle of Hagley Wood in the English Midlands. The event was believed to have been the result of witchcraft, as was another murder in the same area. Both killings were documented in “Murder by Witchcraft” by Donald McCormick. In the “Watch: The Secret War for the Soul of Germany” I give an account of the Hagley Wood murder–and use the licence of fiction to completely explain it. There are similar accounts throughout rural England of current witchcraft practices and many more that pre-date the resurgence of Gardnerian Wicca. One of the most fascinatingaccounts is given in Archaeology Magazine article by Kate Ravilious in Volume 61 Number 6, November/December 2008. The article relates the excavation of a Neolithic ritual site where crystalline rock had been carefully laid around a natural spring. Evidence showed that the site had been used for spellcasting in later centuries. One specific spell to promote fertility had been buried in the ground over and over again since Medieval times. Scientists were astonished to find the same ritual objects being buried there as late as the 1950s!  Here is evidence of continuous pagan practice since neolithic times.


I am a Celt from Southern Wales and not unfamiliar with the pagan practices of this still magical land. I also dwelled for many years in the midst of the Kentish Weald – and I can attest to the truth of Gardner’s claims. Much of this knowledge is used in my fictional account of the efforts in England to counter the magical works of the Nazi Regime. Here I have gone back tomy childhood to resurrect some of the characters of the Weald I knew or heard about–and the secret Sabbats they mounted as part of Churchill’s amazing and little discussed “Watch.” This was the group he organize to wage the occult war against Hitler.

So, as the fires burn and the cauldrons bubble this coming All Souls Eve, look over your shoulder as you dance deosil upon the magic circle. The naked maiden behind you may well be a witch of true power, and true religion with the magic of many a century in her veins!

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