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New Underground Secrets from Nazi Past


Never before published photograph of destruction of a Nazi underground research facility. The man in the light coat (left center) has been identified as a British MI6 agent involved in Operation Paperclip. The photo was taken in 1946 (author’s files).

A 75 acre underground factory hidden by the Nazis at the end of World War II—and missed completely by the Russians and Western Allies as they plundered such sites for new technology—has been found by an Austrian documentary maker. Andreas Sulzer found the factory while researching at BergKristall, another massive underground facility that built Hitler’s jet aircraft, the Messerschmitt ME 262.The Nazis were the first to build jet powered fighter craft, just one example of the amazing advanced technology that was developed by the Nazis under the direction of Heinrich Himmler and his high technology general Hans Kammler.  As the war progressed the Nazi specialized in building underground facilities where everything from V2 Rockets to the strange Die Glocke—The Bell—device, were built.

It has long been thought that somewhere hidden in the vast complexes built by Kammler was one where the Nazis were developing an atomic bomb. Salsa may have found it. According to The Times of Israel. Salsa was led to the new facility by the diaries of a physicist who survived the mass killings of scientists and technicians by the Nazis as the Allies closed in on them. High levels of radiation have been detected at the site.

In my book “The Watch: Churchill’s Occult War for the Soul of Germany” I use a fictional platform to reveal new details about Himmler and Kammler and the underground industrial complexes of an area called Die Reise—The Giant. It was here that 2,500 crack SS troops disappeared into the Wenceslaus Mine. The mine was sealed from the inside, and yet it was found completely empty when Russian and American forces finally opened it up.

Himmler (or at least someone who looked much like him) was found dead of cyanide poisoning after being captured as he wandered the backroads of Western Germany among refugees escaping the Russians. Kammler was last seen near the Bergkristall site. He is thought to have orchestrated the transport of advanced weapons out of the Wenceslaus Mine aboard two of Germany’s largest cargo planes as the Red Army closed in. He has never been seen since. It is generally believed that he was brought to America via Operation Paperclip and given a new identity.

The Watch is also available from Amazon. Sample chapters can be read on Wattpad.com


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The Beast 666 & The Rise of the Nazis


The late years of the 19th and the early years of the 20th centuries saw the zenith of an interest in the occult that spread across Europe and into the rest of the world. For England’s upper crust this meant a penchant for dabbling in Secret Societies such as the Golden Dawn and its offspring. The origins of these societies can be found in the burning of the library at Egypt’s Alexandria-but of that more later.

These societies hid beneath the veneer (or perhaps rock) of fashionable occultism in the Victorian and Edwardian age. They were true seekers of gnosis for reasons both good and bad-and Aleister Crowley was among the most outrageous of them all. Crowley was born wealthy. Early in life he set foot on the spiritual path and actually accomplished amazing things.

Much of this was hidden beneath a drive to replace his long spent wealth and an even stronger drive to feed the world’s press with material designed to enhance his public reputation as “the wickedest man in the world”.

The reputation lives on and few are aware today that he played roles as an intelligence operative in New York during the First World War and in London during the second. Fewer still are aware that during the early years of the formation of the Nazi Party, Crowley was drawing the attention of the long established occult masters of Munich, Germany.

Crowley privately published many books and papers on his occult research and experiences. In one of them he revealed information he claimed had been imparted to him from a spirit from the Inner Plane. German members of an ancient occult society recognized their own information-and accused Crowley of stealing and exposing secrets. Crowley met with them in Munich. His accusers soon learned the truth-Crowley really did receive the information “from the other side”.

Realizing he was in communication with “The Secret Chiefs” (read Blavatsky: The Secret Doctrine) they took Crowley under their wing and empowered him to start a branch of their society in England. These same men later formed the Thule Society-the driving force politically and financially behind the fledgling Nazi Party and Hitler. Crowley plays a role in The Watch as an advisor to Winston Churchill on the secret rituals of the SS.

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“The Watch” Beginnings

The three generations that fought WW2, their kids-and their kids are all fascinated by the bizarre story of Hitler’s rise to power.  Not to mention the still barely understood murderous racial policies and the largely still secret “wonder weapons” and advanced technology of the Nazi regime.

I can’t remember a time when I was not reading one book or another about Hitler and World War II. To this very day, every year sees publication of one or more “non-fiction” books on these subjects. From “The Hunt for Zero Point,” “The Nazis and the Occult” to “The Spear of Destiny” to “Brotherhood of the Bell,” these books add some facts but mostly pose more questions than answers. Some of the books are sheer nonsense; some amateurish, some excellent journalism and some, such as Goodright-Clarke’s “The Occult Roots of Nazism” are brilliant academic treatments.

Still, more questions than answers. When I did get answers-they generated more questions. In the 1960s I read “Morning of the Magicians” by Pauwels and Bergier. This fascinating book generated so many ideas, not the least being thoughts about Hitler’s involvement with the occult. From that date I began to bring my general interest in Hitler to a focus. I read many biographies, especially any information I could find on his early life. Much was hidden during Hitler’s lifetime but as time went by more and more archives began to open. The tentative connections the young Hitler made, especially in Vienna, led in the direction of books on Guido von List, Lanz von Lebensfels and others whose roots lay in the busy occult world of early 19th century Germany.

A parallel interest was the development of German technology during the Nazi regime. There’s no doubt the Germans were open-minded when it came to science, medicine and technology. Very open-minded.  As a result, Germany made great advances in practical and theoretical fronts. So much so that even today we owe much to the foundations laid by wartime German researchers. From rocketry to synthetic oil, the Allies reaped a rich harvest from the ashes of German universities and research labs. Then, there were the still prevailing mysteries-fabulous technologies that disappeared with the Nazi scientists-they still haunt the fringe elements of society today…Zero Point Energy, Time travel, Die Glocke…the subject spark vigorous debate throughout the Internet and elsewhere.

In 1995 this research began to coalesce into the concept for a fictional book that brings all these disparate elements together in one compelling story. And so the idea for “The Watch” was born.

In posts that follow, I explore this research and also discuss the process of building the narrative and the characters that populate the novel.

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