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New Underground Secrets from Nazi Past


Never before published photograph of destruction of a Nazi underground research facility. The man in the light coat (left center) has been identified as a British MI6 agent involved in Operation Paperclip. The photo was taken in 1946 (author’s files).

A 75 acre underground factory hidden by the Nazis at the end of World War II—and missed completely by the Russians and Western Allies as they plundered such sites for new technology—has been found by an Austrian documentary maker. Andreas Sulzer found the factory while researching at BergKristall, another massive underground facility that built Hitler’s jet aircraft, the Messerschmitt ME 262.The Nazis were the first to build jet powered fighter craft, just one example of the amazing advanced technology that was developed by the Nazis under the direction of Heinrich Himmler and his high technology general Hans Kammler.  As the war progressed the Nazi specialized in building underground facilities where everything from V2 Rockets to the strange Die Glocke—The Bell—device, were built.

It has long been thought that somewhere hidden in the vast complexes built by Kammler was one where the Nazis were developing an atomic bomb. Salsa may have found it. According to The Times of Israel. Salsa was led to the new facility by the diaries of a physicist who survived the mass killings of scientists and technicians by the Nazis as the Allies closed in on them. High levels of radiation have been detected at the site.

In my book “The Watch: Churchill’s Occult War for the Soul of Germany” I use a fictional platform to reveal new details about Himmler and Kammler and the underground industrial complexes of an area called Die Reise—The Giant. It was here that 2,500 crack SS troops disappeared into the Wenceslaus Mine. The mine was sealed from the inside, and yet it was found completely empty when Russian and American forces finally opened it up.

Himmler (or at least someone who looked much like him) was found dead of cyanide poisoning after being captured as he wandered the backroads of Western Germany among refugees escaping the Russians. Kammler was last seen near the Bergkristall site. He is thought to have orchestrated the transport of advanced weapons out of the Wenceslaus Mine aboard two of Germany’s largest cargo planes as the Red Army closed in. He has never been seen since. It is generally believed that he was brought to America via Operation Paperclip and given a new identity.

The Watch is also available from Amazon. Sample chapters can be read on Wattpad.com


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Ten Dead Tibetans

When Allied troops explored the ruins of Himmler’s gestapo headquarters among the amazing finds were the bodies of ten Tibetans. They were dressed in SS uniforms and all had been shot execution style. Who were they? What were they doing in Germany? What was their connection with Heinrich Himmler? No official answers have ever come forth and this is but one of the many enduring mysteries of the last days of the Third Reich.

We do know that Himmler had great interest in Tibet and eastern religion in general. His favorite book was the Bhagavad Gita, the Indian spiritual saga. He also was a proponent of Helena Blavatsky’s claims about the origin of the Aryan race in the Tibetan highlands.

Just prior to the war, Himmler sent explorer Eric Schäfer to Tibet on a mission to seek out these Aryan roots, to gather unique plant and animal specimens and to  learn more about sources of ancient wisdom.

Tibetexpedition, Expedition zu Gast bei Gould

The Schäfer expedition (Source:German federal Archives).

In “The Watch: Churchill’s Secret War for the Soul of Germany” from The Hamburg Press I use a fictional platform to  explain what else Schäfer was doing in Tibet — and so provide an explanation for those ten dead Tibetans. The book is on the presses as I write and will be available to purchase within the next week or so. Further posts will provide some links — the first 100 books will come directly from me and I will sign each one personally to the purchaser.

The Watch advances explanations for many of the strange occurrences that still confound researchers and historians. Why were certain chambers within the underground Nordhausen rocket factory found locked from the inside? What happened to the 2,500 crack SS troops who marched into the Jonestal Valley’s Wenceslaus Mine in Silesia? Large chambers in the mine were also found locked from the inside. When they were blasted open — they were completely empty. In The Watch I provide a theory based our limited knowledge of Nazi experiments with quantum physics and time itself.




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Hitler’s Connection with vampires?

Dr. Franz Hartmann was a respected occult researcher--and Founder of the Munich OTO that later funded Hitler (google Images)

Dr. Franz Hartmann was a respected occult researcher–and Founder of the Munich OTO that later funded Hitler (google Images)

Yes…the connection is very tenuous indeed but it does exist! An occult expert and researcher made the connection while investigating the life of leading turn of the century occultist Dr. Franz Hartmann. Not only was there a distant connection with Hitler–Hartmann also translated the Bhagavad Gita into German–the very edition that was Heinrich Himmler’s personal spiritual ‘bible.’

First, Hitler and vampires. Dr. Mark Newell is an anthropologist with a research interest in occult traditions ranging from the Congo to Egypt to Europe. Newell tells me, “Authors Leslie Shepherd and Peter Haining both re-published an account of ‘authentic’ vampirism that first appeared in the Occult Review of September, 1909. The article was written by Franz Hartmann. The founder and editor was an English engineer by the name of Ralph Shirley.”

“Hartmann was an associate of Lanz von Lebenfels and Guido von List, both in Vienna at the time and leading lights of the Germanic occult movement. Hartmann tells of reading a story in a Vienna newspaper one morning about the burning of a castle in Romania. The local villagers believed that the owner was a vampire responsible for the death of many children in the area.

Makart's Portrait of Elga.  Ralph Shirley probably took this photo.

Makart’s Portrait of Elga. Ralph Shirley probably took this photo.

“At the time Hartmann was with a friend who revealed that he visited the very same castle in 1907 when he was building a nearby road (it is clear that the friend was in fact Ralph Shirley-JR). He described a portrait in the castle as being particularly evil and animated. The friend was accompanied by two other men, one of whom reported being “visited” by the woman in the portrait. It was apparent from the story that it was she who was the vampire. Hartmann swears as to the truth of the story. His account in huge Occult Review showed a photograph of huge painting taken by the engineer. The painter was the celebrated Hans Makart– who went mad at the age of 44 shortly after completing the portrait. The man of who received the visitation fled to America. Hartmann died three years later.”

The connection with Hitler? Hartmann was one the the founders of the Munich Order Templi Orientis, the OTO, the very organization that created the Thule Society and funded the German Workers Party–which of course later became the Nazi party.

The vampire story that was ‘authenticated’ by Shirley and Hartmann is fascinating and Newell’s account of it can be found at the link at the end of this post. Newell found the actual article in the Vienna newspaper read by Hartmann. In his account Hartmann disguised the name of his friend and the location of the castle and the name of the owner. These details are now known thanks to Newell’s research. There is yet another connection between Hartmann and the Nazi party–he translated the Bhagavad Gita from Sanskrit into German, the book that Heinrich Himmler kept by his bedside.

The article in the Viennese newspaper that Hartmann read in Shirley's presence.

The article in the Viennese newspaper that Hartmann read in Shirley’s presence.

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Himmler’s Vial of Blood


Why did SS leader Heinrich Himmler keep a vial of blood on his office desk? Historians have claimed that Himmler held many bizarre beliefs. Among them is the known fact that he kept a glass vial of blood on his desk. The purpose of this object has mystified academics—perhaps not one of these authors (and there are several) has had any contact with occult research or those that follow the most ancient traditions of “high magick.”  As far back as medieval times there were rumors of great wisdom being held by secret societies in Europe. It is commonly accepted that the Knights Templar, the small band of penniless crusaders who occupied Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, discovered such wisdom brought from Egypt by the Jews. Certainly within years they became one of the richest and most powerful organizations in the world. They challenged the power of the Catholic Church and European Kings—and were destroyed. Their wisdom remained underground and other secret societies never again raised their heads. To this day, their secret knowledge has survived. It is believed that books written by Egyptian priests were rescued from the great library at Alexandria before Christians burned it. This is the source of the knowledge of societies ranging from the Templars and The Golden Dawn to the Rosicrucians and other still secret brotherhoods. The original Egyptian source was a priest known to the Greeks as Hermes Trismegistus. His knowledge, called ‘Hermetic Magic” is the source of the high magical traditions of today. Much of this information is now available to the casual researcher on the Internet. Even more arcane information can be found in old and modern books.

One common ritual found in Hermetic Magic is that of “charging” a fluid with energy. It would be clear to anyone with knowledge of these Hermetic rituals that Himmler’s vial of blood had been charged in a ritual. In the  “The Watch” I explain why Himmler needed the vial of blood and how it was used with the Spear of Destiny in special rituals. Himmler would often ‘borrow’ the spear from its keepers in Nuremberg, sometimes for months at a time. I used the novel to  delve into these occult mysteries behind the rise of the Third Reich and how it relates to the  strange technological research of the Third Reich.

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The Strange Story of Project Milkow


During the opening years of the World War II Himmler directed SS General and Engineer Dr. Hans Kammler to construct a vast complex of underground factories and laboratories in a region of lower Silesia known as the Jonestal Valley. The complex itself was called Die Riese—“The Giant”. The area, stretching from Furstenstein in the north to Milkow in the south, was to be connected by a network of underground roads. Many of the underground facilities were to house industries and research important to the war effort—but many were also built for exotic research that would never have produced results in time to be of value to the outcome of the war. These projects were the most secretive of all, information about them being kept only to the very highest levels of the Nazi Government. Even Nazi government ministers complained about the money and labor being poured into these projects. They were told nothing. Concrete needed for the all-important defense of the French Coast against allied invasion was diverted to Die Reise. Why? What was so important that it even trumped defense against Allied invasion? To this day little or nothing is known about the mysterious complex or the secret projects within it. Rumors persist about the development of atomic energy or atomic bombs. Most curious of all was “Projekt Chronos” – “Project Time” –all we know today is the name of the research program, nothing more. This operation, conducted in the Wenceslaus Mine near Milkow, was perhaps the most secret of all. As the Nazis abandoned the area days ahead of the arrival of Russian Red Army troops under General Konev, they blew the mine apart—then shot and buried the 62 scientists that worked on the project!

The Allies expected a pitched battle when they arrived at Milkow. Intelligence revealed that 2500 SS Wehrmacht troops had been seen marching into the mine. When they arrived they found the place empty—and the mine sealed—from the inside! When the entrance to the mine was finally gained nothing was found inside but empty concrete chambers. Heinrich Himmler’s occult bureau the Ahnenerbe was headed by Karl Wiligut, a Golden Dawn member and Hermetic magician who claimed to be able to access time and the ‘Akashic Record’ of the past and future in order provide vital information to the Nazis and the SS in particular. He claimed he had seen images from 200,000 years in the past. The few slave workers at Milkow that survived the war spoke of research into a “…mirror in which images of the past could be seen…” Could this have been related to Wiligut’s claims? In writing the “The Watch” I wanted to advance a new theory about the story of Britain’s still secret ‘occult war’ against Nazi magicians employed by Himmler and Hitler–and how it connects with the strange technology at work within Die Reise. In future blogs I will explore this theory and explain much of the magical practices of the Nazis and the technology that went hand in hand with it.

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