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Why Did Churchill Recruit Ian Fleming?

 The young Ian Fleming:

James Bond author Ian Fleming

In a recent Brit television series, the young Ian Fleming is portrayed as a very savvy (if heartless) agent working for British Intelligence. Is this really how the creator of Bond, James Bond, got his start?

            We may never know the true story – or even the official story – but we can be sure he was not the suave and skilled agent the BBC portrays. We do know some interesting facts that pose questions and provocative questions. Fleming spent part of his education and formative years in Germany. It is a fact that he had an affair during that time with a woman, Monique Panchaud de Bottomes, later known to be a member of the Thule Society. The Thule was the secret group of German hermetic sex magicians who provided the money to fund the fledgling Nazi Party. The Thule was in fact yet another cover for the Order Templi Orientis, the original OTO of Golden Dawn fame. Could this be part of the reason Winston Churchill approved of Fleming’s recruitment into the darker folds of the British intelligence community? Certainly he had little else to recommend him. At the time Fleming was a failed stockbroker with no intelligence experience or connections at all. His personal life was also said to be a mess, the result of continuous affairs, most notably with Ann O’Neill, wife of an English Baron. At this same time Fleming was sharing O’Neill’s favors with yet another British aristocrat. Rather than going into MI5 or MI6, Fleming was placed in the Admiralty. He worked on projects that brought him into the orbit of other stranger characters working for British Intelligence.

WheatleyDennis Wheatley

             Dennis Wheatley was one of the country’s most experienced researchers (some say practitioner) in black magic and England’s rich history of the occult. His job for Churchill was inventing ‘dis-information’ projects to be fed to the Nazis. Louis de Wohl was another in this circle of influence.

http://earthstation1.simplenet.comLouis de Wohl

              An astrologer, he advised Churchill on what German astrologers might be telling Adolf Hitler. He also worked on dis-information projects, creating ‘back-dated’ forgeries of German astrology publications that ‘foretold’ of Hitler’s failure to lead German to victory. De Wohl even ‘revised’ the Nostradamus prophecies to forecast Hitler’s doom. Fleming worked on the successful plan to convince Hitler favorite Rudolf Hess to fly to England during the war. He had been convinced that the UK was ready for right wing revolution and would overthrow Churchill. Hess was reached through his own astrologers, another link for Fleming to de Wohl who knew them personally.

??????????????Rudolf Hess. One of the closet confidants of Adolf Hitler. The two met for four hours before his flight to England – Hitler later denied knowledge of the event and declared Hess insane.

            I took these tenuous threads and wove them into The Watch: Churchill’s Secret War for the Soul of Germany. “The Watch” was the name given by Churchill to a still largely secret group of British witches and magicians who were asked to work against the occult forces within the Nazi Party – Heinrich Himmler and his black priesthood of the SS being the prime target alone with Hitler. The book – only partly fiction – provides the backstory for Fleming’s entry into the secret world that was later to provide the inspiration for the iconic 007. The Watch follows Ben Størgaard, a Minnesota farm boy (and Viking descendant) who ends up as an agent working for Churchill from deep inside the SS. A supporting cast of characters from Adolf Hitler to Gerald Gardner fills out the narrative and provides answers to some of the most puzzling and enduring questions about the occult activities of the Third Reich. Photo credits: Ian Fleming:   http://www.ianfleming.com/ian-fleming/ Dennis Wheatley:  http://www.denniswheatley.info/denniswheatley.htm Louis de Wohl:  http://www.chilling-tales.com/page58.html Rudolf Hess:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rudolf_Hess



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The Beast 666 & The Rise of the Nazis


The late years of the 19th and the early years of the 20th centuries saw the zenith of an interest in the occult that spread across Europe and into the rest of the world. For England’s upper crust this meant a penchant for dabbling in Secret Societies such as the Golden Dawn and its offspring. The origins of these societies can be found in the burning of the library at Egypt’s Alexandria-but of that more later.

These societies hid beneath the veneer (or perhaps rock) of fashionable occultism in the Victorian and Edwardian age. They were true seekers of gnosis for reasons both good and bad-and Aleister Crowley was among the most outrageous of them all. Crowley was born wealthy. Early in life he set foot on the spiritual path and actually accomplished amazing things.

Much of this was hidden beneath a drive to replace his long spent wealth and an even stronger drive to feed the world’s press with material designed to enhance his public reputation as “the wickedest man in the world”.

The reputation lives on and few are aware today that he played roles as an intelligence operative in New York during the First World War and in London during the second. Fewer still are aware that during the early years of the formation of the Nazi Party, Crowley was drawing the attention of the long established occult masters of Munich, Germany.

Crowley privately published many books and papers on his occult research and experiences. In one of them he revealed information he claimed had been imparted to him from a spirit from the Inner Plane. German members of an ancient occult society recognized their own information-and accused Crowley of stealing and exposing secrets. Crowley met with them in Munich. His accusers soon learned the truth-Crowley really did receive the information “from the other side”.

Realizing he was in communication with “The Secret Chiefs” (read Blavatsky: The Secret Doctrine) they took Crowley under their wing and empowered him to start a branch of their society in England. These same men later formed the Thule Society-the driving force politically and financially behind the fledgling Nazi Party and Hitler. Crowley plays a role in The Watch as an advisor to Winston Churchill on the secret rituals of the SS.

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