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New Underground Secrets from Nazi Past


Never before published photograph of destruction of a Nazi underground research facility. The man in the light coat (left center) has been identified as a British MI6 agent involved in Operation Paperclip. The photo was taken in 1946 (author’s files).

A 75 acre underground factory hidden by the Nazis at the end of World War II—and missed completely by the Russians and Western Allies as they plundered such sites for new technology—has been found by an Austrian documentary maker. Andreas Sulzer found the factory while researching at BergKristall, another massive underground facility that built Hitler’s jet aircraft, the Messerschmitt ME 262.The Nazis were the first to build jet powered fighter craft, just one example of the amazing advanced technology that was developed by the Nazis under the direction of Heinrich Himmler and his high technology general Hans Kammler.  As the war progressed the Nazi specialized in building underground facilities where everything from V2 Rockets to the strange Die Glocke—The Bell—device, were built.

It has long been thought that somewhere hidden in the vast complexes built by Kammler was one where the Nazis were developing an atomic bomb. Salsa may have found it. According to The Times of Israel. Salsa was led to the new facility by the diaries of a physicist who survived the mass killings of scientists and technicians by the Nazis as the Allies closed in on them. High levels of radiation have been detected at the site.

In my book “The Watch: Churchill’s Occult War for the Soul of Germany” I use a fictional platform to reveal new details about Himmler and Kammler and the underground industrial complexes of an area called Die Reise—The Giant. It was here that 2,500 crack SS troops disappeared into the Wenceslaus Mine. The mine was sealed from the inside, and yet it was found completely empty when Russian and American forces finally opened it up.

Himmler (or at least someone who looked much like him) was found dead of cyanide poisoning after being captured as he wandered the backroads of Western Germany among refugees escaping the Russians. Kammler was last seen near the Bergkristall site. He is thought to have orchestrated the transport of advanced weapons out of the Wenceslaus Mine aboard two of Germany’s largest cargo planes as the Red Army closed in. He has never been seen since. It is generally believed that he was brought to America via Operation Paperclip and given a new identity.

The Watch is also available from Amazon. Sample chapters can be read on Wattpad.com


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Ernterfest : A Halloween Story

Bones at Majdanek (Courtesy of http://www.jewishgen.org/)

Bones at Majdanek (Courtesy of http://www.jewishgen.org/)

The research I undertook for “The Watch: The Secret War for the Soul of Germany” was designed to flesh out a fictional approach to the many questions about the occult influences at work in the decades of German history prior to World War II. The work led me into many dark corners, not places I would have chosen to go, not places I would have chosen to linger. One of the questions I sought to explore was the idea that hidden deep behind the politics of the NDSAP was a formalized magical ‘master plan’ designed to empower the Nazi regime.

This was proposed in the 1960s by authors Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier (The Morning of the Magicians, Destiny Books). Further research over the years led to the origins of occult thinking in Germany from the 19th into the early 20th century. Until the advent of the Internet most of the publications on the subject were obscure, hard to find and sometimes deliberately held secret. One was “The Occult Significance of Blood,” by Rudolf Steiner, the man who founded Anthroposophy. An Austrian, Steiner lived in Germany and in 1907 he published the 44 page volume in which he discussed the reasons why human blood was deemed so important in magical operations. He wrote: “He who gains power over a man’s blood gains power over the man.”

Steiner suggests that blood, as a magical fluid, contains the spiritual wisdom of the race to which it belongs. Each person of that race is a small part of the spiritual wisdom of the race, that ‘sense-experience’ of the past is active in the blood–a reference perhaps to the so-called Akashic Record.

I found these ideas later reflected in the writings of Guido von List and Lanz von Lebensfels, two occultists read by Adolf Hitler and, in the case of Lebensfels, possibly one of his mentors. Lebensfels was a virulent anti-semite who published tracts calling for the spilling of Jewish blood and the burning of the bodies as sacrifice to the Aryan gods.

Steiner, who died in 1927 as the Nazi party was taking shape, was vilified by the Nazi press–even Hitler penned an article against him in his own newspaper. By 1925 he was being attacked during lecture appearances and had to leave Munich for his own safety. He was accused of being under the influence of Jewish factions in Germany, of being a Jew, even. Why? Perhaps it was because Steiner well understood the black magical motivation behind the Nazi plans to “solve the Jewish question.”

Rudolph Steiner (Courtesy Wikipedia)

Rudolph Steiner (Courtesy Wikipedia)

It comes as no surprise then, to later find Heinrich Himmler, the “Black Priest” of the Nazi movement devising methods to spill Jewish blood and incinerate the corpses just as Lanz demanded. Could it be that the Nazi regime gained ‘power’ over Jewish blood and by spilling it they ‘empowered’ their own race blood?

Hitler scorned intellectualism, holding that race memory and its “spiritual science” was more important. He believed (as List maintained) that wisdom was to be found in the legends and myths of the Aryan race–that this was more important than the experimental science of the day. The words strongly echo Steiner’s 1907 article. Hitler found much wisdom in the occult knowledge hidden in the Medieval legend of Parsival. His plans for the “lebensraum” to be stolen from nations to the east as far as Russia was part of a plan to return to Germans to the simpler days of love of soil and harvest, a time when Aryan Germans would be the Barons, the Ubermensch served by a peasant slave force from inferior nations.

Pagan rites and festivals thus loom large in the Nazi background–and one chilling episode now begins to raise echoes of the great and hidden magical master plan behind the Nazi regime.

There is no Halloween in the German festival calendar–but there is Erntedankfest, a November harvest festival that is an echo (as with similar festivals in other countries) of ancient pagan rites. In 1943 the war was beginning to unravel for Germany. On November 3rd the SS launched “Aktion Erntefest” (Operation Harvest Festival) at Majdanek Concentration Camp in Poland. 500 men shot and buried 83,000 Jews, Poles and other prisoners in the space of two days.

As with other burials after mass killings, the Germans later returned to these sites, exhumed the bodies and burned them. Supposedly they were destroying the evidence of their actions. It is easy enough to write these words, hardest of all to even begin to grasp the magnitude of such an evil act. Most chilling is the possibility that there could have been a connection between this ‘harvest massacre’ and a magical ritual to further ‘empower’ the Nazi cause at a time when it was needed.


Lest it ever be forgotten, I quote from




The principal instruments of these atrocitics are Obergruppanfuehrer Globocnik-Chief of the SS and SD in Lublin; Wendler-ex-Governor of the Lublin Wojew=F2dstwo; Sturmbannfuehrer Dominnik-Chief of thc SS and SD in Lublin; Sturmbannfuehrer Liski-Chief of Prisoner of War Camps in Poland; Standartenfuehrer Koch-Chief of Camps; Obersturmfuehrer Kegel; Hauptsturmfuehrer Melzer-Deputy Commandant of the camp; Hauptsturmfuehrer Kloppmann; Obersturmfuehrer Tumann; Oberscharfuehrer Musfeld; Oberscharfuehrer Kostial; camp doctors Hauptscharfuehrer Erich Gruen, Hauptscharfuehrer Rindfleisch and Hauptsturmfuerer Blanke; Untersturmfuehrer Wende, Chief of the crematorium and all the other persons acting in the role of executioners and guilty of exterminating innocent people.

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Milkow’s Henge: Mirror of Time


Cultine: Drawing of the Henge from Witowski’s Book–showing the structures beneath the pylons that are now obscured by earth and vegetation.

The Wenceslaus Mine is located in the Jonestal Valley, lower Silesia near the village of Milkow. On a raised area above the mine there stands a concrete structure called “The Henge” by locals and researchers. It looks like a modern version of Stonehenge and is surrounded by conjecture and theory that has not diminished since its construction during World War II. The less creatively inclined, the structure looks like the support structure for a modern water tower. This fact alone stirs the curiosity of researchers; water towers of the era were mostly built on steel supports–so why was this structure built so massively from pre-stressed concrete with an advanced design?

The Henge as it appears today (Picture: Google Images)

The Henge as it appears today (Picture: Google Images)

This question did not drive further research into the structure until after 2003. That year Polish military technology writer Igor Witowski published The Truth About The Wunderwaffe  (ISBN-10: 1618613383) a controversial book in which he claimed that intelligence sources had revealed to him details of the Milkow Komplex. Among other issues, Witowski describes the Henge as a test rig of some sort. A drawing in his book shows the henge sitting on a dish-like concrete platform with conduit tunnels underneath it. Investigators have also noted heavy metal support rings at the top of each column. These appear to transfer the weight of a large suspended object inside the Henge to the concrete supports. This is not consistent with water tower construction–at the time or later. Clearly, the structure is not the support structure for a water tower.

Rainer Karlsch, a respected German historian published Hitler’s Bombe  (ISBN-10: 3421058091 in German) in 2011. In it he discusses the Milkow Komplex and the results of University research done at the location. The purpose was to determine what, if any, research had been done during the war at Milkow on fissionable materials, either for an atomic bomb or other purposes. The scientists found that the reinforced concrete of the Henge showed evidence of powerful neutron irradiation.

In 2007 Henry Stevens wrote Hitler’s Suppressed and Still Secret Weapons, Science and Technology (ISBN: 978-1-931882-73-8). In it he refers to a conversation his informant Greg Rowe overheard between his father and Otto Cerny, a German scientist who worked at the Milkow-Ludwikowice project and apparently escaped execution–unlike 62 fellow scientists and technicians. Cerny referred to “time experiments” and described the henge as a support structure for a massive mirror in which images of the past could be seen.

Efforts continue to debunk the various Henge theories and label it as what it appears to be – a water tower support. This explanation fails to take into account the known facts developed by reputable academic investigators.

While the Henge continues to offer only questions, I have provided answers in “The Watch: The Secret War for the Soul of Germany” in which I am able to use a fictional context to describe exactly what the Henge was used for and how the device within it operated using power focussed and directed into it from a bell device (Die Glocke) in the Wenceslaus mine below the Henge. The Bell and the Henge are critical to the real reason for the Milkow Komplex and the role it played in the outcome of World War II. The MS for the book gets its final reading from my editor within a few days of this post–after which it goes to my agent in New York and to a major motion picture director who has expressed an interest in the book based on information provided by my writer friend and colleague Jim Riordan (Stone: Biography of Oliver Stone, ISBN-10: 1854104446). We’ll keep you posted!

Cover of the English version of Witowski's book (Picture: Amazon.com)

Cover of the English version of Witowski’s book (Picture: Amazon.com)

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The Mystery of U-530


In July of 1945–almost three months after Admiral Donitz had ordered all operating Nazi U-boats to surrender–Oberleutnant Otto Wermuth surfaced Uboat U-530 at Mar del Plata, Argentina. The sub had been trimmed of weight by removing the deck gun and stripping the torpedo bays. The log book had been dumped overboard, and not one member of the crew had ID papers. According to public records the captain “offered” no explanation as to where the sub had been during the two months after the war had ended.

As the mysterious affair gained traction in the world’s press, an Argentinian reporter stated that he had seen a provincial police report on a U-boat surfacing off the Argentine coast several days before the surrender. The police report claimed that “high ranking” Germans had been off-loaded. It was claimed they may have included Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun. This story assumed more weight when rumours about the sub’s torpedo bay surfaced. It was claimed that bay had been stripped before the sub surrendered. There were the remains of fine foods, wines and cigars aboard.

The Captain and  crew were quickly transferred to the US. The Argentine Naval Ministry issued a statement: There had been no U-boat off the coast earlier. U-530 carried no high ranking Nazis, no-one had been landed prior to the surrender.

This did little to dampen the rumours. In  November of 1947 U-530 was sunk off the US coast by the US Submarine Toro or SS-422 in deep enough waters to assure the sub would not be accessed in future years. The interrogation report of Wermuth and the crew remained secret. A summary of the report was later made public and can be found at (http://www.uboatarchive.net/U-530.htm). It is more remarkable for what it does not say. The report states that Wermuth was active off the American coast in the last months of the war, using torpedos to attack US shipping. When it was clear the war was coming to a close, the captain and crew elected to go to Argentina to surrender. Many of the crew expected to settle there. No mention is made of why it took so long to get to Argentina, no mention of a stripped torpedo bay (rear or forward), no mention of Wermuth being allowed to “offer” no explanation for the discrepancies in his story. The report appears to be a crudely sanitized version of the actual interrogations.

What was the real story behind U-530? While the truth may one day surface (so to speak) the known facts lend themselves to the stuff of fiction. The mention of the sub is brief in “The Watch” but an extensive chapter follows in the sequel.


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The Strange Story of Project Milkow


During the opening years of the World War II Himmler directed SS General and Engineer Dr. Hans Kammler to construct a vast complex of underground factories and laboratories in a region of lower Silesia known as the Jonestal Valley. The complex itself was called Die Riese—“The Giant”. The area, stretching from Furstenstein in the north to Milkow in the south, was to be connected by a network of underground roads. Many of the underground facilities were to house industries and research important to the war effort—but many were also built for exotic research that would never have produced results in time to be of value to the outcome of the war. These projects were the most secretive of all, information about them being kept only to the very highest levels of the Nazi Government. Even Nazi government ministers complained about the money and labor being poured into these projects. They were told nothing. Concrete needed for the all-important defense of the French Coast against allied invasion was diverted to Die Reise. Why? What was so important that it even trumped defense against Allied invasion? To this day little or nothing is known about the mysterious complex or the secret projects within it. Rumors persist about the development of atomic energy or atomic bombs. Most curious of all was “Projekt Chronos” – “Project Time” –all we know today is the name of the research program, nothing more. This operation, conducted in the Wenceslaus Mine near Milkow, was perhaps the most secret of all. As the Nazis abandoned the area days ahead of the arrival of Russian Red Army troops under General Konev, they blew the mine apart—then shot and buried the 62 scientists that worked on the project!

The Allies expected a pitched battle when they arrived at Milkow. Intelligence revealed that 2500 SS Wehrmacht troops had been seen marching into the mine. When they arrived they found the place empty—and the mine sealed—from the inside! When the entrance to the mine was finally gained nothing was found inside but empty concrete chambers. Heinrich Himmler’s occult bureau the Ahnenerbe was headed by Karl Wiligut, a Golden Dawn member and Hermetic magician who claimed to be able to access time and the ‘Akashic Record’ of the past and future in order provide vital information to the Nazis and the SS in particular. He claimed he had seen images from 200,000 years in the past. The few slave workers at Milkow that survived the war spoke of research into a “…mirror in which images of the past could be seen…” Could this have been related to Wiligut’s claims? In writing the “The Watch” I wanted to advance a new theory about the story of Britain’s still secret ‘occult war’ against Nazi magicians employed by Himmler and Hitler–and how it connects with the strange technology at work within Die Reise. In future blogs I will explore this theory and explain much of the magical practices of the Nazis and the technology that went hand in hand with it.

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Runes in Minnesota


Did Norsemen and Vikings explore North America well before its supposed discovery by Columbus? Today it is widely accepted that they did, landing in the northeast at Greenland and then moving south into Maine. They named the new continent “Vinland.”  The question now is: How far did the Norsemen explore?” In 1898 a Minnesota farmer discovered a stone entangled deep in the roots of a tree on a 50 foot high knoll at Kensington, MN. Olaf Ohlman and his son dug the slab of rock from the earth and discovered that one edge and one side were covered in marks. Runic scholars at the University of Minnesota and in Chicago confirmed that the marks were runes. The inscription read:

Eight Goths and 22 Norwegians on a journey of exploration from Vinland very far west. We had camp by 2 rocky islands one day’s journey north from this stone. We were out fishing one day. After we came home we found 10 men red with blood and dead. AVM [Ave Maria] save us from evil.

Later research dated the inscription to 1362! It is known that King Magnus of Norway financed an expedition to Greenland in 1355. While the inevitable claims of a hoax and forgery were raised at the time, it is now generally accepted that the Kensington Runestone is genuine. Since the find many other runestones have been found from Maine to Oklahoma. More information and links can be found at http://www.sunnyway.com/runes/americanstones.html

In my novel “The Watch” I needed a protagonist from America who could pass as an SS officer. He would be a man versed in the Norse traditions that the Nazis appropriated for their “Aryan” past. Creating a descendant of Norse (actually Danish) immigrants fit the bill nicely. Added to this, the Minnesota location allowed me to make ancient Norse explorations of North America a part of the story. History is not written by dispassionate professional historians dedicated to only the facts they research. Just like the guys at Fox News, they have their personal attitudes and the political directions they want to lead their audiences into. This is one reason why the factual discovery of America by Vikings is ignored in favor of Columbus. I l have a deep interest in the alternative histories that set the record straight–so a rune stone that predicts the distant future became a twist I was able to work into the beginning of my story.

In an opening scene the protagonist, Ben Størgaard, and his grandfather discover a runestone while plowing a long fallow field. The stone contains a prediction concerning a great future war. The discovery triggers events that lead to World War II-–and Størgaard’s role the secret war waged by Winston Churchill against the black magicians of the Nazi occult. “The Watch” was the name given to a group within the British Government that worked to counter Hilter’s astrologers and occultists—an actual event that is just now coming to light.

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